Liturgy Group

Eucharistic Ministers

The principal role of the Eucharistic Minister is to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and to take Holy Communion to the sick and the housebound.  This latter can be in their own homes, in Care Homes and in the hospital.

When Mass cannot be celebrated, a Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion can be led by a Eucharistic Minister following the readings for the mass or the principal feast of the day.


Two readers are required at all weekend masses and on holy days and one reader at all other times, This important ministry is open to all ages, our most recent readers coming from those who have made their first holy communion in 2013.

The reading is done on a rota basis and those who undertake this ministry consider it a joy and a privilege.


We have music at all of our Masses and other celebrations, both live and recorded. Over the last eighteen months, we have been developing a singing group within the Parish and it is hope to develop this further.

In 2013, many members of our congregation and those of other churches across the Local Pastoral Area performed a musical, Born for This, which became the Runcorn Passion in the local shopping area on Holy Saturday, which proved to be an excellent way of evangelising within our community.

In the Autumn of 2015, we are planning another musical production, Tales of Wonder. More information will be available soon.

However, music still continues to be a very important part of the Mass.


We have a team of altar servers at each of our churches. Those who serve at the weekend Masses are from the schools within the Parish. They are there to assist the Priest throughout the Mass and must have an understanding of the Liturgy.

For weekday Masses, we usually have an adult member of the congregation.


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