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Prayer Line
If you would like us to pray for a special intention please feel free to call or text our prayer line on

07443 639416.

Calls will go through to voicemail so please leave the message clearly. Messages are not replied to but they are forwarded on and prayed for at Mass.

We would like to share a poem with you, written by one of our guests on the Alpha course who was inspired to write it by her experiences from attending Alpha.

Jesus Christ help me through, I’ve opened the door and stood aside for you,
I’m here and ready for you to guide, I’m ready to turn away from sin and pride,
I’m now your child for you to teach, hold me close you’re within my reach,
The journey is one I’m ready to take, my faith is solid it cannot break,
I’ll start at the beginning and read your book, it’s the story of your life for us to look,
The words inside speak to me, your love is vast and as deep as the sea,

You came to teach us so many things, and show us the kind of the life that only love brings,
A set of rules you wanted us to follow, not a single word empty or hollow,
Your teaching bring us all together, to worship you in any weather,
We sit and learn about your life, the struggles you face and those that caused you strife,
It was destined for you to die for our sins, and then for us eternal life begins,
A solemn promise from you to the earth, that forgiveness would start after your rebirth,

You rose up high alive after death, to show us your promise of eternal breath,
You returned to your father your work on earth done, he gave us his greatest gift, he gave us his son,
Your words still live on in the soul of your people, we gather together under the steeple,
It’s our mission to teach those who don’t know, to tell them about you so your love will continue to flow,
My heart is open I’m ready to trust, I’ll change my life for you, I’m ready to adjust,
I can feel you near me your presence is strong, with you by my side I can’t go wrong.

Michelle O’Hare

Our Weekly Newsletter can be found here.

Mission Statement

The Catholic Parish of Saint Maximilian Kolbe is committed to enabling each parishioner to encounter Jesus, love Jesus and desire to share the Good news of Jesus as we work for the Kingdom of God.

Online giving to the Parish

For those Parishioners who normally give in the collection at Mass and wish to help the Parish at this time, an online donation page to allow you to donate to the Parish website.

If you wish to donate to the Parish then Click Here.

Please be aware that a minimum donation of £5 is requested if giving in this way.

You can also Gift Aid your donation to help the Parish further.

If you want to Gift Aid your donation, please tick the box shown on the screen even if you have previously completed a Gift Aid Declaration form in favour of the Parish for regular giving made by Offertory Envelope or Standing Order.

Thank you for your support.

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