Evangelisation Group


Baptism preparation takes place during and after Sunday Masses over 3 weeks. Dates of the meetings are published in the newsletter. If you wish to find out more please speak to Fr. Peter after Mass who will introduce you to a member of the baptism welcoming team who can explain more. Dates for baptisms are made at these meetings.

Adult Formation

Adult Formation takes place on Monday evenings in the Presbytery. The group meet and further their knowledge and understanding of the Sunday readings, the church seasons and what we believe.

First Sacraments

For the Children’s First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion the Family, Parish & School work together to help the children understand the Mission of Jesus and to explore the gifts that God has given to us.
The children are enrolled in the Autumn term, from then they begin to work in school, at home and have meetings in the Parish to prepare for their First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion in the Spring term.


Marriage Preparation is a course which offers welcome, information and reflection for those planning marriage in the Catholic Church. Please see attached articles relating to this topic


Marriage Matters

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