Sunday Mass

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all churches have been forced to temporarily close their doors. Masses are however regularly streamed live on Facebook.

Recordings are also available on the following platforms…
Parish website


  1. pauline o'connell

    Hi, We set up the link around 10 past 10 this morning ready for the 10.30 Mass and it had already started. Can you please confirm is the on line Sunday Mass starting at 10am or 10.30,

    Kind regards

    Pauline O’Connell

    • David Caulfield

      Hi Pauline

      Yes Mass starts at 10:00 on a Sunday. I tend to watch it after its been live streamed. I will update the Mass time on the Parish web site later. Also the weekday Masses are generally at 10:00 also, but usually best to best Facebook etc in case the time changes.

      Take care


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